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Wednesday, April 23, 2014
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Customer Login

You must enter your account number or user ID and password to access information on this site. Your account number is printed on your bill. If your account number includes a '-', it should be removed. For example, if the account number is 12345-001, you should enter either 12345 or 12345001 in the account number field.

Important Note About Your Pop-Up Blocker
Some pop-up blocking software interferes with the bill payment process. You may refer to your web browser's Help documentation for instructions on how to add ngemc.com to your allowed pop-up list.

Member Account Numbers Changed 
As of August 20, 2011 your NGEMC account number now has an extra digit. 
If logging into the online bill payment system, please add an extra zero to your account number as shown in the following example:  Account # 1234567801 (previous) will now be 12345678001.  Be sure to add the extra zero as the third digit from the right.

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